6 Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows to Learn Spanish

Learning a new language is unlocking a whole new world of possibilities: job opportunities, funnier holiday destinations, new groups of friends and, of course, deeper enjoyment of international audiovisual content. The good news is that watching these series in your target language while paying attention can work wonders in speeding up your learning process and improving your skills. In this article you will find the six binge-worthy Netflix shows to take your Spanish to the next level.

  • La casa de papel

La casa de papel, also known as Money Heist, tells the story of a mysterious man that calls himself “The Professor”. He recruits a group of eight people to carry out the biggest robbery ever made.

—“Soy la puta ama”, which translates as I’m the fucking best, in its female way.

—“Todos vamos a morir. Por eso brindo: porque estamos vivos”, we are all gonna die. That’s why this toast is for: because we are alive.

—“Empieza el matriarcado”, the matriarchy begins.

—“¿Hasta cuándo nos vamos a seguir llamando de usted?”, when will we stop with the formal treatment?

—“Arturito, no es el momento de hacer el Gandhi, porque te comes puños de primero, de segundo y de postre”, Arturito, this is not a good time to play Gandhi, unless you want to have your ass kicked as starter, main course and dessert.

—”¿Qué cojones está pasando ahí?”, what the fuck is going on in there?



  • Elite

Elite starts off as the typical high-school rom-com, but it suddenly has a twist when a murder takes place.

—“Nosotros siempre nos hemos apoyado: en las buenas y en las malas”, we have always supported each other: in the good and bad times.

—“A lo mejor no he cambiado. A lo mejor la de antes no era yo”, maybe I haven’t changed. Maybe it wasn’t me before.

—“Vamos a por ellos”, let’s go get them.

—“¿Tú sabes por qué soy la mejor? Porque nunca me conformo.” Do you know why I’m the best? Because I never settle down for less.

—“Venga”, come on.



  • Luis Miguel, la serie

This series is an authorized biographical TV series of the Mexican singer Luis Miguel. On top of a super interesting plot, it also displays a high-quality cover version of Luis Miguel greatest hits.

—“Coño, Micky”, fuck, Micky.

—“Señoras y señores, con ustedes Luis Miguel”, Ladies and gentlemen, here is Luis Miguel.

—“Salte de mi vida”, get out of my life.

—“Vamos a tomarnos unas chelas”, let’s go out for a beer.

—“Si no supiste amar, ahora te puedes marchar”, if you didn’t know how to love, now you can leave



  • Apache: la vida de Carlos Tevez

This is another authorized biographical TV series. It shows the rise of the Argentinian football player Carlos Tevez in the extremely poor and harsh conditions he used to live in.

—“Vos sos bueno. Te tienen fichado”, you’re good. They have set their eyes on you.

—“Me gusta el pibe. Juega lindo”, I like that kid. He plays great.

—“No quiero perder esta oportunidad”, I don’t want to miss this chance.

—“El dolor nunca se va a ir. Es parte tuya, sos vos”, the pain will always be there. It’s part of you, it’s you.

—“Más vale que sí”, of course.



  • Las chicas del cable

Also known as Cable Girls. It tells the story of four young women in 1920s Madrid. They work in the National Telephone Company as the revolution begins, and also deal with romance, friendship and the modern workplace.

—“La vida no era fácil para nadie, pero mucho menos si eras mujer. No éramos libres”. Life wasn’t easy for anyone, but it was worse if you were a woman. We weren’t free.

—“Salud” or “chin chin”, cheers.

—“Cuando sientas que el tiempo se agota, una nueva vida comienza”, When you feel time is running out, a new life begins.

—“Entre un sí y un no hay una vida de felicidad o de desgracia”, between a yes and a no, there a life of happiness or misfortune.

—“Ya no soy la chica que conociste”, I’m no longer the girl you used to know.



  • Vis a vis

Also knows as Locked Up. It initially depicts the story of a young woman who, after falling in love with her boss, commits accounting manipulation and misappropriation crimes. She is sent to a high-security prison, and the show is about life in those cells.

—“Estoy en la cárcel”, I’m in prison.

—”¿Hay alguien allí?”, is there anybody out there?

—“Primera regla de la cárcel: no se piden favores”, first rule of the prison: you don’t ask favours.

—“Soy inocente”, I’m innocent.

—“Tú eres igual que yo. Igual que yo antes de nacer”, you’re just like me. Just like me before I was born.



Good luck watching these shows, and don’t forget to try to remember any other phrases or words that catch your attention.


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