6 Reasons Why People in Amsterdam Speak English So Well

Amsterdam, the stunning capital of the Netherlands, has more to offer than picturesque canals and historic buildings. Amsterdam is one of the best destionations to learn English in Europe. From tourists to students and businessmen, everybody speaks English here.
What’s more- they actually speak it very good and clear, making this city a perfect place to come and improve your language skills.

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I know, you are wondering “How is this possible?”. Let’s dive into the reasons why Amsterdamers excel at speaking English and how it brings a cool touch to the European vibe.

1. Education Plays a Role: English is for Everyone

Education is where it starts. Learning English is part of the obligatory education. From a very young age many English classes are compulsory, and at university level a huge number of courses are available only in the international language. From regular folks to pros, everyone’s on the same page.

Amsterdam’s schools are top-notch, and they’re not just about Dutch. Many classes are in English. So, when students aren’t hitting the books, they’re practicing their language skills without even knowing it.

2. Original Is Cool: Not a Fan of Dubbing

Dubbing foreign shows and movies? Not a thing in Amsterdam. They love things the way they were made– in English. Prepare to hit the cinema and even finding movies in English with original subtitles. Isn’t it great?

3. Many Cultures, One Language: English

Amsterdam is a mix of cultures. With so many tongues being spoken, English often steps in as the bridge. This friendly interaction with different people surely gives them an understanding of the language and the its need.

Unlike places that hold tight to their lingo, Amsterdam’s doors are open for English. There’s no hesitation, no second thoughts. They’re happy to give it a go.

4. A Global Outlook in Business

Amsterdam is a business hub, and they’re all about thinking big. With English ruling the business world, professionals don’t just talk numbers – they understand each other better, because they all speak the same language, literally.

Many big companies have their headquarters here, and that means a lot of international firms doing their thing.

5. Tourists, Here’s Your English

Amsterdam’s quite the tourist hotspot. And guess what? English is their go-to for welcoming guests. No language barrier – just good vibes.

Airport, hotels, museums, bars, nightlife… everything is perfectly available in English.

6. A Taste for Adventure, Dutch Travellers

Dutch people love travelling! Amsterdam’s lively and full of energy, yet local people here love a good adventure. That often means hopping across countries or overseas! Exploring different cultures means English is always ready to help them communicate.


Amsterdam’s a mix of languages, not just Dutch. So, when words get confusing, they turn to English. In the end, Amsterdam’s English magic comes from a mix of learning other cultures and being open to the world. If you’re wondering about Amsterdam’s English vibe, you’ve got the answer– education, movies, interculturality, business and a travel-loving population.

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