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What Sets Us Apart
50min individual sessions with one of our multilingual, experienced and enthusiastic teachers. This classes are to  speak and to put into practice your new skills
We adapt our programs or create a new one that fits your needs: to better communicate orally, at work, with your lover and family… you name it.
2022 life is busy, we know that.
Classes can be moved for free up to 24hs in advance.

Our Method

We provide high-quality and low-cost English and Spanish courses.

Our team is made up of certified language professionals who teach in real time (videocall) and one-on-one— just you and the language trainer for 50 minutes.
Classes are 100% communicative.

We also offer life-long access to our exclusive platform, with courses designed to help you study and memorize grammar, vocabulary and improve your writing skills.


*Monthly reports of student’s progress, certificate of achievement after each level, contact person.
** Up to 20 sessions per month.

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It takes more
than just a person
to build a bridge.


Luis MartínezLuis Martínez
17:44 22 Aug 21
Very friendly and professional teachers! Recommended 100%
Florin SandaFlorin Sanda
00:08 16 Sep 20
Cecilia is one of the most friendly, profesional and fun teachers I had the pleasure to study and work with. I am learning Spanish and now, thanks to her, I feel so comfortable to communicate with my hispanic friends She has a vast amount of material and useful tips and information and the classes are just a delight.I appreciate as well her flexibility with the schedule, it was so helpful in this busy environment.10/10 - If you are planing to learn Spanish (or English) she will be a perfect fit. I will recommend her classes to all my friends.Michas gracias por tu ayuda, Cecilia.¡Eres tan encantadora!
masha kotslovamasha kotslova
15:45 13 Sep 20
Amazing value for the money spent. Been trying to learn Spanish for years in school and didn't succeed no matter the effort. With Understanding Languages I finally managed to get a set programme and great suggestions on books to read in order to improve my language skills, while being guided by a professional and experienced teacher who is a native speaker of the language. Everything is amazingly organized and I never felt lost regarding what I needed to learn next. The result was that I could finally notice myself being able to understand, read and speak the language. Would totally recommend!!!
Cecilia IrisCecilia Iris
12:30 12 Sep 20
Cecilia IrisCecilia Iris
12:14 12 Sep 20

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