Mute Letters in English Pronunciation

When it comes to English pronunciation, there’s a fascinating and often puzzling aspect to consider: silent letters. These sneaky letters appear in words but don’t make a sound themselves. If you’ve ever wondered why ‘knee’ starts with a silent ‘k’ or why ‘honor’ has a silent ‘h,’ you’re not alone. Understanding these mute letters isContinue reading “Mute Letters in English Pronunciation”

Language Proficiency Frameworks: CEFR vs ACTFL vs ILR

Navigating the realm of language proficiency can be challenging. A lot of words and different codes. In this post we will explain everything, starting from the meaning of frameworks to their grades. In this article, we’ll embark on an exploration to decode these acronyms, understand the importance of adhering to their guidelines, and illuminate theContinue reading “Language Proficiency Frameworks: CEFR vs ACTFL vs ILR”