Enrolment Conditions

The service is offered by:

Understanding Languages, by Cecilia Iris Baldo
Keizersgracht 520H, 1017 EK Amsterdam, NL, the Netherlands

Every course includes a first interview (optional) to determine level and course to follow (free of charge). Please let us know if you would like to have it!

If a course does not reach the minimum number of students (4) expected, the course structure can be changed, i.e., late start or less days in a more intensive modality. To obtain certification of attendance to a course it is necessary to have attended at least 80% of the lessons. Private courses have flexible starting dates.

Signing up

You are signed up to a course after filling in this form for language courses and this form for Soft-Skills, ICT-tools or Interculturality Course or Workshops and receiving a confirmation email. You don’t need to pay upfront to be considered “enrolled”. However, a compromise derives from signing up– either taking the course or paying 30% of the total cost of the course.

You will be considered enrolled after receiving the confirmation email. Please get in touch with us (E-mail: info@understanding-academy.com
Phone and Whatsapp: +310629467464) if you need an immediate confirmation or any other situation arises.


Payment can be made online or in cash right before the course. You don’t need to pay upfront to be enrolled, last possible time for paying is one minute before the start of the course or workshop.


  • Europe
    IBAN: NL67 RABO 0377 1994 51
    Understanding Languages
  • Worldwide
    PayPal: Understand (CeciliaIrisBaldo)

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations must be notified by e-mail.

You will be considered registered after enrolling and receiving the confirmation email. You don’t need to pay to be considered enrolled.

Please understand that signing up is a contract. If you cancel 3 weeks before the start of the course, you can claim a 70% refund of what you have paid. Within 3 weeks you are no longer entitled to refunds, as we open the courses based on the number of participants. If you sign up but still didn’t pay and want to cancel, you will still need to pay 30% (if you cancel 3 weeks before the start) or the full amount of you cancel withing 3 weeks of the start.

Absences for personal reasons (including illnesses, travels or work-related issued) are not valid reasons to recover lessons or demand refunds. Exceptions apply to the private courses with flexible schedule.

In the event of impossibility of the facilitator to attend or cancellation by the landlord (for onsite lessons) or due to technical reasons, students will be notified at least 12 hours in advance and either a refund will be given or an recovery class will be added on a different day.


If you have any complaints about the course, the academy or the organization, you can send an email to complaints@understanding-academy.com


Students will be held responsible for any damage caused to the academy, i.e., premises, personal belongings of other participants and facilitator, etc. It is strongly recommended to get insurance against theft, loss of personal property, accidents, or illnesses.

Acceptance of the terms

Once enrolled, the student will automatically accept the conditions for enrollment of the academy.

COVID-19: please note that due to the pandemic, all of our courses happening at location can be moved online at any point in time. There will be no refunds issued in this case.