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Language and Development Trainings for Business

In Understanding Academy, we bring you a diverse set of learning solutions created exclusively for the European businesses of 21st Century- high quality, flexible and globalized.

Our comprehensive and open offerings are designed to empower your company members with invaluable knowledge and skills.

multiracial group of students and teacher having fun during teamwork

At Understanding Academy, our mission is to provide European organizations of the 21st century with high-quality, flexible, and globalized life-learning solutions. We tailor our offerings exclusively to meet the dynamic needs of modern enterprises. Our goal is to promote cultural awareness and communication skills among participants, ultimately fostering more creative and collaborative environments within organizations.

Our vision is to build bridges between diverse cultures and linguistic backgrounds, as well as between the analogic past and the digitalized future. We aim to make a positive impact by fostering cultural understanding and facilitating adaptation to the evolving digital society.

Our core principles are respect, flexibility and quality. They guide every aspect of the learning experience design and delivery, to create meaningful experiences, based on communication and collaboration.

Value Proposition
What sets us apart is our continuous evolution and adaptability. We consistently refine our offerings to align with the requirements of our clients, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the industry.
Elevate your company’s capabilities with our diverse offerings:

• Language Courses: master English and Spanish to enhance global communication.

• Soft Skills Workshops: develop essential interpersonal and leadership abilities.

• ICT-Tools Workshops: stay ahead with cutting-edge technology proficiency.

• Interculturality Workshops: navigate diverse environments with cultural intelligence.

Unlock your team’s potential through our comprehensive corporate learning programs.

We foster a sense of community and collaboration among course participants through interactive activities, discussion forums, and networking opportunities.

Embark on a journey of continuous growth, guided by our experienced facilitators and enriched by our decade-long industry presence.

Join us today and embark on a transformative learning journey. We promise it will unlock your true potential and elevate your professional and personal life.

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online or
at the heart of Amsterdam.